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At ProSkin, we specialize in
Brazilian Waxing!
In fact, we are instructors for Brazilian waxing and perform more Brazilian waxings in one Month then most salons perform all year!

Special Attention to first time Brazilian Waxers!
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Now Available! Only at ProSkin
2nd generation Epilar System

From the makers of Epilar comes Depilar!
This 2nd generation permanent hair removal treatment is twice as effective as the original Epilar with 3 times the active ingredients.

  • More effective then Laser hair removal
  • Cost less then Laser hair removal (a LOT less)
  • Less painful then Laser hair removal (doesn’t hurt at all)
  • Works on ALL skin and hair types.
  • Can be used on all body parts INCLUDING BRAZILIAN!
  • Twice as effective as original Epilar
  • Same low price!

Special Skin Treatment with Every Wax

Brazilian WaxWhenever you remove hair (shaving or waxing) you have a chance of ingrown hairs.  Ingrown hairs are caused when the hair begins to grow back and gets curled and blocked by clogged hair follicles.  This tendency increased due to the fact that your hair tends to be curly by nature.

Now available at Professional Skin is a revolutionary new product that has been features on Opra and many other top shows.  It is called “Prince Reigns Ingrown Hair Serum”.  This product removes ingrown hairs and razor bumps by softening and straightening the hair making it easier for the hair to penetrate the skin surface.

This special treatment is applied after EVERY waxing
service we offer completely FREE OF CHARGE.

This treatment is highly effective and contributes greatly to a more comfortable waxing service as well as reducing ingrown hairs.

It is also available for purchase at a reduced rate to our customers.
This way you can apply the product daily to minimize the chance of ingrown hairs.

What our Customers are saying

More testimonials HERE!

Danielle started out about 4 years ago.  She came every 5 weeks for a Brazilian
using the Permanent (Depilar) treatment.  When she moved to Philly and then
NY she was not able to come a frequently.  She now comes every 2 to 3 months
and still was able to achieve over 70% permanent reduction in hair growth.

More Video testimonials HERE!
"Just wanted to let you know how extremely pleased I am with the waxing!!!! By far the best waxing experience  I have ever had. Not only the service and cleanliness, but your price was fabulous as were you. My boyfriend was also very impressed with you and your knowledge of waxing. I have already told all my friends and the girls at work. I will def. be returning in 4 weeks. Thank you so much again"

Tara, Malvern, PA
"As you know, when I first contacted you for a Brazilian wax appointment, I did so because of your website.  Not only was it extremely informative but it put me at ease.  Your sanitation procedures made me happy as I have been to numerous establishments for other waxing services (even an extremely expensive day spa or two) whose sanitation procedures seemed a bit lacking.
My first Brazilian appointment exceeded my expectations.  I was a bit nervous.  Anxious about the possible pain and about my privacy, I found you were extremely personable yet professional so my fears were easily eased.  The waxing service was quick and clean.

As though the experience was not great enough, I found out that you just started offering Epilar, the permanent hair removal treatment.  After some research on Epilar, I decided to start the treatments.
Four sessions later, to say that I am simply a repeat customer would be an understatement.  I am a devoted client.  I drive 1 hour and 20 minutes one way for my appointments because I know the value of such excellent service.
I have always had problems with overactive oil glands which caused much clogging of my hair follicles.  I have lived with clogged hair follicle bumps and ingrown hairs in the underarm and bikini areas  that have been very painful and embarrassing.  I used to have anywhere from 3 to 5 bumps consistently.  The bumps were so large and slow to go away that putting deodorant on my underarms was an issue.  To make matters worse, not only were the bumps in my bikini area personally uncomfortable but it greatly deterred intimacy with my husband.  With this an issue, who can feel attractive?  Yes, yes.  I know what you are thinking.  Yes, I have been to dermatologists.
I am happy to say, after regularly scheduled waxing visits with Epilar, the ingrown hairs and clogged hair follicles are no longer an issue.  Thank you. "
"I am currently a regular Brazilian Wax client who also indulges in the body wraps. I reside an hour from the salon and happily travel the distance on a regular basis. The care, quality and service is unbeatable! I find that your dedication to continual education and training while practicing the safest and most sanitary methods available with my comfort in mind qualifies you as "THE" experts in waxing. The body wraps are so sinfully relaxing, I almost feel guilty for indulging! Your prices are extremely reasonable for the level of service you provide. I wish you the best and continued success!"

A Truly Satisfied Customer,

Nesquehoning, PA
"This was the absolute best Brazilian wax I have ever had. There was not one hair left.  It was also the most comfortable. I will be back with a friend."

Reading, PA
"After coming to you I will never go anywhere else for my waxing.  You salon is spotless and I like your sanitation and the fact you use a new stick every time you apply the wax. Thank you!"

Pottsville, PA
"You made me feel very comfortable.  I was a nerves wreck before my appointment.  Once I came to your salon and saw the professional operation you have it made me even more comfortable.  I was not embarrassed at all. Great job."

Auburn, PA
"You are by far the best waxer I have ever gone to. My Brazilian wax did not hurt at all! I will never shave again."

Frackville, PA

"I have a big problem with my hair.  It grows so fast I need to shave twice a day when I go to the beach.  You took care of my problem in a few months and now I’m hair free for 4 Weeks at a time with no stubble or embarrassing shadow by my bikini line.  I also feel much sexier with all the hair gone.  You are a lifesaver!  Thank you!"

Harrisburg, PA

More testimonials HERE!

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